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“Requirements for Fabrication Welding and Inspection, and Casting Inspection and Repair for Machinery, Piping, and Pressure Vessels”

“This document contains the welding and allied processes and casting requirements including inspection for the fabrication, alteration or repair of any item or component of machinery, piping, and pressure vessels in ships of the United States Navy.”

-Welding operators and welding procedures must qualify to S9074-AQ-GIB-010/248-
“Requirements for Welding and Brazing Procedure and Performance Qualification”

Advance Welding is currently qualified to S9074-AQ-GIB-010/248 for the following materials:

S-1 to S-1
S-4 to S-4
S-6 to S-6
S-8 to S-8
S-25 to S-25
S-34 to S-34
S-43 to S-43
S-43 to S-44
S-51 to S-51
S-53 to S-53

Stellite #6 overlay on 4130/S-4
Stellite #6 overlay on S-6
Stellite #6 on S-42
Stellite #6 overlay on CrMoV

If you have any further material qualification requirements, please contact us.

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